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Natasha's Story -


My mother and Grandmother made my clothes when I was little, I would have the

design input (frills, frills and more frills) I would put all my outfits together myself.

If I wasn't having fun dressing up- my large Barbie collection and Ken would be my

fashion victims for the day.


  I studied 4 years of fashion design at Sydney Tafe and loved every bit of it, I knew this

is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

After finishing with distinctions, I was snapped up straight away by a design

house- however 12 months in I found raising my child and working

full-time in the city, very full on and I went after a better work, life balance.


 I found the best way to raise my son and earn an income, was to make garments and sell them

at the local markets on weekends. In the beginning I only used recycled fabrics, so

everything had a vintage feel and patchy like look.  I see that now as such a

significant time, as it forced me to learn more in depth about colour, learn how to

mix and match prints and texture- this is found heavily in my collections and

pieces today.


It has now become my absolute passion mixing fabrics, prints, textures and lace- coming up with something new and exciting.


Along the way I have many won awards, one in particular took me to study

fashion in Paris. I dressed beauty queens- Jesinta Campbell’s

National Costume for Australia with the high heel sheep skin boots and made

wedding gowns for High profile footballers partners.