Lummi & Co

Lummi Lights are Fair trade handmade yarn balls that have been hand twisted by home workers to achieve gorgeous decorative balls that, when lit, emit a warm soft light.

A perfect decoration by day that at night provides a completely different look when lit, giving atmospheric lighting to create a magical mood wherever you place them.

Use to decorate your home, kids rooms, nurseries, use for your parties and events.

We have a big belief in the ability of business to make our world better places & we want to sleep at night with a clear conscious from our business decisions. This is why our products are Fair Trade made and certified, we spend that bit extra to ensure our packaging is recyclable and we can tell you all about who makes our products, where and how they are made and how our workers are paid properly for their work. We only use low energy LED light cables in our products, all our packaging is recyclable, there are no chemicals in our dyes, our glues are all natural and we even recycle the rubber balloons used to make the cotton ball lights.

Lummi & Co is part of an international trading partnership between 20 countries that believes trade is the best form of aid to improve the lives of others.  Our Lummi light balls are handmade by our Fairtrade Organisation home workers in the areas around Chiang Mai in Thailand. We now have 65 home workers currently producing 4.5 million of these balls each year for export around the world. This provides consistent employment and income in the region where day trading (buying & selling what they can, not the stockmarket J ) is the normal hit & miss form of income.

Natural processes & materials are used where possible. Our prices are set by our Fair Trade Organisation to cover materials and provide a decent liveable wage for the homeworkers and all partners must pay this set price without negotiation. 


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