Natursutten Nipples/Teats for Glass Bottles - 2 Pack

  • $29.95

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The 100% Natural Rubber (Latex) Nipple:

● Made in Italy alongside the Natursutten pacifier, in a family-run factory that’s been manufacturing rubber baby-products for three generations. The same material used for Natursutten dummies. No harmful chemicals!

● Rubber/latex nipples are much softer than silicone and more resistant to teething/bites. The softness feels more natural for babies.

● Creates a natural association for babies using Natursutten pacifiers.

● Available in “slow-flow” for infants and “fast-flow” (6m+) for older babies. For baby bottles with regular neck.

The Anti-Colic Double-Valve:

Ensures a more even milk-flow, preventing colic and gas—and helping feeding go more smoothly. (It really works!)

The Ring, Disk/Seal and Cap:

All are BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free.

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